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Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #6036 in Software
  • Brand: DeLorme US Software
  • Model: 8043488
  • Released on: 2009-09-11
  • Platforms: Windows Vista, Windows XP
  • Format: DVD-ROM
  • Original language:


  • Turn your laptop PC or netbook into a powerful GPS navigator, with voice-guided navigation, automatic back-on-track, GPS Radar to locate travel services, and a new E-Z Nav wizard for effortless on-the-go routing
  • The LT-40 includes a high-sensitivity chipset for fast satellite acquisition, and DeLorme ConstantLock technology delivers surefire signal retention even in challenging GPS environments
  • DeLorme Street Atlas USA 2010 us exceptionally detailed map software you can use anywhere–on the go with your laptop PC, netbook, touchscreen phone or PDA
  • Includes street-level detail for the U.S. and Canada, plus highways and major roads for Mexico
  • Pre-plan your trips with automatic routing and over 4 million places of interest–restaurants, lodgings, attractions, truck stops, sports venues, and businesses of all kinds

Product Description

The Earthmate GPS LT-40 with Street Atlas USA 2011 allows anyone with a laptop, netbook, or ultra-mobile PC to enjoy outstanding performance any place in the United States, Canada and Mexico. The included Street Atlas USA software lets you turn your laptop PC into a powerful GPS navigator with spoken direction and voice commands. It is fast and easy – just load the software onto your device and plug the five foot Earthmate GPS cable into a USB port, and then place the GPS on your dash. You will see your position updated in real-time on detailed DeLorme maps. The LT-40 draws minimal power from your USB port – no batteries needed.  And you will see a wide geographic area showing large turn arrows and directions, easily visible in-vehicle. Nothing extra to buy, no subscriptions needed.

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

14 of 14 people found the following review helpful.
5Earthmate GPS new 2010 LT-40 on ASUS Netbook 1000HE
By Dexter R. Eng
I received the new Earthmate 2010 LT-40 as a gift and installed it on a ASUS 1000HE netbook computer. Was concerned after hearing of others having problems, but am very pleased that I can report it worked for me out of the box, did not need to read manual or instructions, although I have no experience. I set up address book of places that I wanted to visit (zip codes work best for finding addresses), from and to addresses, reviewed the map routes, program generated directions and looked over the surrounding area, then installed the USB GPS which had no problems in 2D or 3D consistently receiving 7 to 10 channels of data, and drove the routes that I had planned. Voice directions worked fine, path history, automatic recalculation when I missed turns all worked well. Great product, easy to install and use at a very low cost. Nice gift to go with a netbook computer.Update 10/21/2009: Used the Earthmate 2010 on the ASUS 1000HE recently on a 5 day trip to the Chicago area. Also carried a large foldout map as backup. Visited several dozen places during the day and some at night from north of O’Hare airport, to south of Midway airport and east to the shores of Lake Michigan. Never had to use the fold out map at all, which would have been very difficult at night, and even worse if lost. Earthmate worked very well to get around the maze of freeway connections, ramps, construction, and even some very poorly marked roads on the outskirts. With Earthmate always knew where I was, the GPS receiver consistently maintained lock even among the dense buildings in the city, and position lock acquired in seconds after the ASUS 1000HE was powered up.

5 of 5 people found the following review helpful.
5Great system
By W. Robinson
This is a fabulous system. I’ve used Microsoft’s Streets and Trips for years including trips from Vancouver, BC to St. John’s Nfld. and Boston, Ma and back. Then I just finished a trip to the Florida Keys using DeLorme. No comparison.With DeLorme the GPS is integrated right into the system. Thus it can tell you when you are off your chosen route and adjusts the route to get you back on course.Also it has voice! When you’re travelling alone it’s not a good idea to be continuously looking at the laptop on the passenger’s seat to see when your next turn is coming up. The voice warns you well ahead, and then just ahead so you have time to get into the appropriate lane and then can make the turn at precisely the right spot – not a block ahead or late.The voice is accompanied by a very large billboard showing the distance to the next turn and it’s direction (left or right). Thus, if you don’t clearly hear the voice prompt, a quick glance tells you what you need to know. It’s an “active” system, tracking your position vis-a-vis your plan and making sure you stay on track – not a passive one simply showing you where you are and letting you go right by your turns without a peep.And I love the “find” feature. While driving down to the Keys I needed a Post Office. So I just asked the system to watch out for one. If you ask it, it will only look ahead so it will never suggest you turn around and go back; a great feature. As I drove along, its “radar” scanned ahead every three minutes, found the Post Office in Long Key, and guided me directly to it – with voice prompts. Easy as pie.As I said, a great system and I think I’ll be using it from now on.

5 of 5 people found the following review helpful.
5Still, the BEST map software ever!!!
By W. E. Roberts
Being in the mortgage and real estate profession, over many, many years, have found DeLorme’s map software to be the best around… This is the first time i’ve decided to use their GPS, and it works great… It’s more of a backup to my Tom-Tom GPS, but when i travel out of town, i always have my laptop, so i can use DeLorme… BUT… The best feature of DeLorme, is the street/block numbers: all you have to do is drag your cursor over any particular block, and it will tell you the block numbers… Really nice if you have a really long street, and your looking for a particular address… BTW… This has nothing to do with putting an address in for the GPS… This is just part of the software…. Try that on Google/Mapquest/etc. maps!!!

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