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Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #181455 in Home Improvement
  • Size: 44-Circuits
  • Color: Gray
  • Brand: Powerhouse
  • Model: 4-44
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 1.90″ h x
    2.50″ w x
    7.00″ l,


  • Lower your electric bills 10-Percent – 30-Percent
  • Monitor up to 44 circuits, including your 2 mains
  • See exactly where your power is used and wasted
  • Get automatic cost, safety, usage and appliance performance alerts to save energy and money
  • Product requires separate purchase of software service: pre-paid for $324 (equivalent of $13.50/mo.) – or monthly for $14.99/mo

Product Description

For the first time, any homeowner now has a cost-effective, fun and easy way to monitor and manage energy usage throughout the home, at the circuit/appliance level, enabling you to save money, lower your energy costs and keep your family safe. Appliance analysis, diagnostics and alerts help eMonitor users save 10-Percent-20-Percent, on average, off their ongoing electric bill, and in some cases over 30-Percent. The eMonitor hardware is installed at the circuit panel and connects to a Gateway (included) which requires a Wi-Fi connection for operation. Once installed and connected to the internet, you can log in to your eMonitor dashboard from any computer, iPhone, or Android device. Note: The eMonitor requires a separate 2 year Software Service agreement, sold through Powerhouse Dynamics when the system is being registered.

Customer Reviews

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5Issolate power usage
Effectively shows youpower usage per circuit with a great web interface. Slightly expensive but it can easily help you find where you are wasting money each month on electric. After two months weve issolated three major inneficiencies and with replacements and upgrades weve cut our monthly electric bill by $154/month and can see how to further reduce it another 55$.Had some reliability issues with the default wifi connectivity, but their support was very quick in changing the units FW over to ethernet, and no issues since.

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