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Product Details

  • Brand: HighPoint
  • Model: RocketHybrid 1220
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: .40 pounds


  • 2 SATA Device Ports
  • PCI-Express 2.0×1
  • Management Suite-Create and Optimize Hybrid Drives. Safe Mode: mirrors all data to the HDD for security. Capacity Mode: optimize the Hybrid Drive for rapid file access- ideal for high performance applications like media editing and gaming.
  • Native support in Windows 7, 2008 and Vista operating systems.

Product Description

Highpoint’s RocketHybrid HBA’s combine the superior performance of an SSD, with the cost-effective, high-capacity value of a SATA HDD, into a single storage device known as a Hybrid Drive. Hybrid Drive are optimized for high-performance computing, and deliver 80% of the SSD’s performance boost, with 100% of the HDD’s capacity.

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

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1Fantastic idea, terrible implementation
By Computer Tech
This should have been a fantastic product. The documentation is totally worthless, the interface is also, but the tech support is even worse. They refuse, literally, to talk to a customer by anything other than their “web based support” system, which is similar to e-mail, but much less user friendly and flexible.I repeatedly asked to talk to someone because I did not understand the manual. Their instructions were basically a repeat of that same manual that I could not figure out. Since I have several years experience as a p.c. professional, I have to wonder how the average user gets along.After hours of trying, I THINK I have it working. Not sure because there are no indications of it and benchmarks seem inconclusive.By the way, I have seen a couple of strongly positive reviews on other sites. Perhaps it is just a coincidence that those reviews used some of the exact same wording that the tech support people did when they supposedly answered my questions. Coincidence or is it their tech people who wrote the reviews? I certainly don’t know.Might be a great product if I understood it better. That would require a rewrite of the manual, by a native English speaker who 1. knows technical things, and 2. knows how to communicate technical things effectively in writing. It would also require a change in the tech support policy to actually talk to customers. What a strange idea.

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4good concept
By Frank C. Johnson
its a good concept. it works and works well once you get it working, but dont ever run defrag on your machine cause it wont come back up afterwards. I reloaded my machine 4 times before I figured out what was going on

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5RH1220 – Build Your Own Hybrid Storage
By Storage Guy
Overall, this is a good product, and a great concept. Combine a large, cheap, SATA hard drive with a fast, relatively inexpensive (by SSD standard anyhow), smallish SSD, and reap the benefits of both (high capacity of the hard drive, and performance of the SSD). In reality, you really don’t get to experience the full performance of the SSD, but it is a nice compromise for those that want to avoid shelling out $400+ for a large SSD, and for those wary of a RAID solution. In theory, it works like a Seagate Momentus, and is similar to the SSD Caching features of the Intel Z68 chipset – the files you use (access) most frequently are cached to the flash memory (the SSD in the case of the RocketHybrid card), which results in improved access times (read performance). However, the Momentus works best as a boot-drive replacement (ideally for laptops), while the RocketHybrid, at least in my opinion, works best as secondary storage.I have been eyeing this thing since I first heard about it at the NAB show some months ago. I finally decided to give it a go, as I have amassed quite a collection of unused drives and older SSD’s.Like the Momentus, you really have to use the thing to get a true feel for it. I noticed the most improvement using the hybrid drive as a second storage device (not for the operating system) – try using it as an installation disk for specific applications (games, graphic editors). It saved a grand total of 5 seconds off my Windows boot time (I had cloned my current boot drive to the hybrid as an experiment) – complete waste in my opinion. A clean install may fare better, but I don’t want to bother experimenting with that.I currently use the hybrid as storage drive for game mods, and the program disk for photoshop, and gimp). Both graphical apps benefit from this thing – load times (loading the initial file, adding layers, effects) improve the more you use them. Saving a few seconds here and there, per file, may not sound all that grand, but it quickly adds up when you find yourself editing dozens of projects in a single day. I am still experimenting with the auto vs. manual settings, to find the best balance – I may post updates in the future. I’m thinking it might make a good install disk for Steam as well….Now for some negatives, or at least some things to consider:The Marvell interface (it is not HighPoint software), is a bit clunky, and seems to have been originally designed for RAID. In fact, it seems to label hybrid drives as RAID arrays. Regardless, it is fairly easy to use after a run-through or two. HighPoint has a decent set of guides posted on the card’s product page – I recommend reading these along with the product manual (which isn’t nearly as bad as some here have made it out to be).Standard benchmark utilities won’t show much improvement (check the Tom’s and Storage Review). Also don’t expect major gains in write performance – just like the Momentus, copying large files or sets of files to a hybrid drive will end up transferring everything straight to the hard disk portion of the hybrid. SSD caching products were not designed with this in mind….you will just be wasting time. Save up for a large SSD if you are looking for an all-in-one solution.I can’t comment on HighPoint’s support – I haven’t had to contact them. It’s not a particularly complex controller product, especially if you are willing to invest a little time, and I’ve experienced no hardware issues…knock on wood.

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