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Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #8754 in Personal Computers
  • Color: Pink
  • Brand: Dell
  • Model: i15R-2632PNK
  • Dimensions: 4.09″ h x
    13.27″ w x
    19.41″ l,
  • CPU: Core i7-3612QM 2.1 GHz
  • Memory: 8GB DIMM
  • Hard Disk: 1TB
  • Display size: 15


  • Intel Core_i7_3612QM Processor 2.1GHz
  • 1000GB 5400rpm Hard Drive
  • 15-Inch Screen
  • Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

Product Description

Switch your lid to match your mood. A 15″ laptop with 2nd Gen Intel Core processor power and optional SWITCH lids

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

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5Dell Inspiron i15R-2632sLV 15-Inch Laptop (actually the 15r 5520)
By Machiel Van
First off, this laptop is actually a Dell Inspiron 15r 5520. Dell has no record of the model # i15R-2632sLV, and WILL NOT be able to help you if you refer to this model # (have no idea why Amazon lists it under this name). There are 4 configurations to the 15r 5520, and this is the best one. This information can be found directly from Dell here: http://www.dell.com/us/p/inspiron-15r-5520/pdThis is a very powerful laptop for the price. The Intel Core i7 3612QM handles multi-tasking seamlessly, and the 1TB hard drive is larger than most that you will find in this price range. While it would’ve been nice to include a 7200 rpm hard drive (like the comparably priced Samsung Series 5 laptop which also has a Core i7), the 5400 rpm drive will not produce as much heat, especially during tasks like gaming. The processor is more than powerful enough to make up for the slower hard drive speed as well. The design is sleek, the keyboard feels very comfortable, and the whole case is a quality build. If you are looking for a fast, powerful laptop at a low price, this is a great choice.However, note that if you are interested in playing the most current games at high settings (a “hardcore” gamer), this is not the laptop for you: the graphics card is integrated into the CPU, so there is no dedicated graphics card, and thus the graphics card can’t be upgraded. It includes Intel HD Graphics 4000 (currently the highest rated Intel HD Graphics set as per the date of this review), which is perfectly able to handle most games, but will be unable to bring you the most current games at the higher-end settings.Overall I would recommend this laptop to anyone other than intensive PC gamers who crave the razzle-dazzle of fully realized optimal graphics from demanding games (such as Battlefield 3). I can’t say enough about the power of the processor for the price. Most comparable to: Samsung Series 5 NP550P5C-A02US, and Sony VAIO E Series SVE1511MFXS.

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5good deal
By Irina
I bought this laptop for my son, looking for any latest configuration and a good price for it! And I found this Dell which is amazing, it is fast, good quality of sound and video! I am very pleased with it!Dell Inspiron i15R-2632RED 15-Inch Laptop (Red)

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5Great buy
By John Cooley
This is a great computer, very fast, i can watch netflix, have 10 browsers open, and have downloads going in the background and there is still no lag time for new tasks. The video quality is great, and there is plenty of hard drive space for movies and music. Carefull with the case the sliver scratchs so very easy and shows bad. It comes packed with alot of crappy trial software, tho, it took over an hour to unload all of it.

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