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Product Details

  • Brand: Cisco
  • Model: WMA11B
  • Original language:


  • Connects your Home Entertainment Center to a Wireless-B (802.11b) network
  • Supports MP3 and WMA digital music files
  • Browse your digital pictures on your television (JPG, GIF, TIF, and BMP)
  • Select songs and pictures from on-screen menus with the easy-to-use remote control
  • Includes Media Adapter, remote, RCA and S-video cables

Product Description

Linksys WMA11B IEEE 802.11b 11 Mbps Wireless Bridge

Customer Reviews

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2I Expected a lot more. . .
By M. Shantar

First Impressions:

Nice packaging. Nice looking device, it’s not much bigger than a four port hub. It has both the Cisco and LinkSys logos on the face. Vertical or horizontal mount. The package contained the device, quick setup poster, and a CD.


I have an existing server, running Win2K Server, that I store my MP3 collection on. This product works by installing an agent on a PC and then connecting the device over a hard wired LAN or WiFi (802.11b). My setup allows me to use either LAN or WiFi and of course I chose the wired setup for max bandwidth and so I could actually listen to music and use my phone or microwave without dropping packets and thus songs. The agent installation was flawless and the media adapter and my server were talking within a few minutes after cracking up the box. Once the agent is installed on a PC, you really only have one option: Point the agent to your media. So of course I decided to point it to my entire (29 gig) mp3 collection which began in a single MP3 folder. Well, it starts to “Search” and then simply would disappear. No error, no nothing. Ok, maybe my collection was too big, so I start dragging my genre folders which were maybe 1 gig a piece…same thing happend. Ok…so I decide to drag a single album over to the agent and finally it seems to take the 6 songs in the folder and I rush over to my TV to fire up the device…it was able to play three of the songs and then the entire folder disappeared and thus I had no music to pull up anymore. After a few reboots and trying different folders I had similar results. My trade, I’m an IT guy…so there were no ‘technical user’ issues…I can assure you of that. To this day the device is flakey. It forgets entire folders for no reason at any given time. I’ve even loaded XP with similar results.


The sound is on par with my expectations, though I wish for the price the device would have at least coax digital out. Your stuck with a pair of RCA, which I hooked a pair of Monster cables up to for optimal sound. The unit is equipped with an Intel StrongArm 400 MhZ (The same processor the latest PocketPCs use) and thus is pretty good at decoding and playing the MP3/WMAs.


The menus are sloppy. There is absolutely no customization on for menus either. There are NO visualizations while songs are playing. You can’t see anything important like bit rate or most of an ID3 tag (genre, year, etc.). You are stuck with an unsizable screen that shows you the track name and album name and running time. That’s it. Plus they use such a huge display, that a band or song title with a long name (13 chars +) gets lopped off. Sloppy stuff all around on the visuals. Again, I expect more.


Photos are displayed well. No real problems here. The device sure could flip through them faster though with this processor. One plus is the ability to play MP3s while viewing photos. However, some lag does occur on larger photos. Whether this is due to bandwidth, processor, or a combination I’ll leave up to the “engineers” over at Linksys to figure out and hopefully fix over the next decade or so…


This is where the stars began to seriously dive. … I doubt the engineers who designed this paper weight released this as a stable product under their free will. It’s a joke.


… I would recommend looking at the new Gateway DVD/MP3 network device or waiting as this market opens up more. We will all want to stream over DivX movies, MP3s, and every other type of media soon. I’m just going to wait a few years while they refine this technology better.

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2No Network Drives!!!??? Intriguing but not quite there.
By J. Brandon
Unlike several of the other reviews, I’d characterize the setup as very straight foward if you’re familiar with WiFi networks. My first and only obstacle – the deal breaker – came when configuring my playlists. Even though the playlists are those available to the host computer, it will not see networked drives. I must be assuming, incorrectly, that I’m in the majority in placing the many gigabytes of MP3s, JPGs, and other media files on a network server instead of a local hard drive. When I try to add a locally mapped drive, which is already available on the host computer, to the media play list, it simply will not accept it. A quick call to Linksys support confirms this. They suggested that I copy my files to the local drive and then add them to the media play list. In between chuckles I noted that it was impractical and I had no intention of moving 15 + GBs of storage to individual local hard drives when these files were already accessible to every node on the network (accept the WMA11B) from their file server storage location.

Until a media adapter supports something as simple as a network drive or share, it will not be of any use to me.

45 of 47 people found the following review helpful.
By J. Braun
Before I start I want to say that I am an IT professional with 14 years of experience, so this is not a problem with not being experienced enough to figure out the technology. I’ve spent countless hours trying to get a Media Adaptor to work… what a waste of time.This product will not work with XP SP2. First off, Linksys support tells you that there is a patch to make it work, but your requests for the patch are ignored. Secondly you have to remove .NET V1.1 and disable your firewall. I’m supprised they don’t have you disable your antivirus also!I am including the 5 conversations that I have had with their tech support so everyone will know not to waste your time asking for help… you won’t get it. 09/22/2005 08:27 PMHi, my name is Lara D(13285). How may I help you?Joshua: I just installed my WMA11B and cant get it to see my networkLara D(13285): What version of Windows is currently being used on the computer? (for example, Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, etc.)Joshua: I confirmed that the encryption keys are correct, it shows 78% signal strength but it doesn’t pull an IP if I go to the setup screenJoshua: xp on the hostLara D(13285): Is it service pack 1 or 2?Joshua: 2Joshua: do I need to modify the firewall settingsLara D(13285): Yes.Lara D(13285): You need to disable any firewall installed on the computer including the windows firewall.Joshua: ? completly disable it? can’t we disable the ports it needs to get to the media adaptor?Lara D(13285): Disable it completely.Joshua: I have it disabledJoshua: What next?Lara D(13285): What is the wireless router that you are using?Joshua: its the wrt54gLara D(13285): Do you have wireless computers working?Joshua: yup, talking to you via my laptopLara D(13285): Okay.Lara D(13285): On your laptop, click on Start >Run>type cmd then hit OK. The DOS prompt or a black screen should come out. On the blinking cursor type ipconfig. What is the IP address?Joshua: hold on I rebooted the media adptor and it jsut came upJoshua: looks like we are getting closer. It brought up a screen showing music pictures help, but none of my files are thereLara D(13285): On the host computer, can you see the media folder manager icon?Joshua: yeah, when I click on it I get an error that says an unexpected error has occured.Joshua: Please start or restart the service using the Digital Media Adaptor utilitie and try againLara D(13285): And the firewall is already disabled right?Joshua: yupJoshua: should I bounce the digital media adaptor host service?Lara D(13285): Normally service pack 2 kills the media folder manager because, it is using the .net framework v1.1. What we can do is send you the patch that will fix it. Can I have your email address?Joshua: xxxx@x.com (removed for privacy)Lara D(13285): Any alternate email address?Joshua: xxxx@x.com (removed for privacy)Joshua: can you just paste the link to the file hereLara D(13285): Okay. I will process a request for the patch for the WMA11B for winxp sp2. Just give us atleast 3 hours before you receive the file.Lara D(13285): Are you still there?Lara D(13285): If you have no further questions, feel free to exit this Chat Session. Please be aware that a long delay in response times may cause a disconnection. If there is no response in the next 5 minutes, this session will end. Thank you for your cooperation!Joshua: sorry I’m here, Can’t I just download the file from a URL?Joshua: I’d like to get this resolved tonightLara D(13285): No. It’s not available from any site since it is a patch. I will process the request after this session so I can indicate the incident number that will be generated at the end of this session.Joshua: okJoshua: disconnectedLara D(13285): disconnected___________________________________________–09/23/2005 07:07 AMHi, my name is Imelda A(10756). How may I help you?Joshua: HelloJoshua: I spoke to a rep last night who was goign to send me a patch to get the wma11b to work with XP SP2Joshua: but I never got the emailJoshua: can you help me?Imelda A(10756): jbraun@digitalriver.com is your email address right?Joshua: yes, here is the incident # if it helps [Incident:050922-019532]Imelda A(10756): Let me checkImelda A(10756): Thank you for your time and patience!Imelda A(10756): According to the incident number, it was processedImelda A(10756): But I will again follow-up on the file to be sent to youJoshua: they asked for a second address which I provided but didnt’ get it either place.Imelda A(10756): I see, I apologize but I will follow up on this requestImelda A(10756): Are you still thereJoshua: yImelda A(10756): I will follow up on this and expect it within 3 hoursJoshua: why do I have to wait 3 hours to get a file?Imelda A(10756): I will still need to request this again, it will not be me who will send this file personallyJoshua: ok, I will followup in 3 hours. I’m getting very frustrated with this processImelda A(10756): I apologize for the inconvenienceJoshua: disconnectedImelda A(10756): disconnected____________________________________________09/23/2005 10:19 AMHi, my name is Serwen (10990). How may I help you?Joshua: I need to get the patch for XP SP2 sent to meJoshua: you should refer to [Incident:050923-002213]Serwen (10990): Let me check.Serwen (10990): I see.Serwen (10990): Let me transfer you to one of my senior tech so that this concern of you will be solve quickly.Joshua: you probably see that this is the 3rd time I’ve had to contact support for this now toJoshua: thanks!Serwen (10990): Yes your correct.Serwen (10990): Kindly hold on.Joshua: thanksSerwen (10990): OK.***** Transferred To Sharon S(18442)Joshua: Hello SharonSharon S(18442): HoSharon S(18442): HiJoshua: hoping you can help me out hereSharon S(18442): Your’re computer is getting an unexpected error message after you opened the media folder utility is that correct?Joshua: yupSharon S(18442): Have you already check the .net framework under the add/remove programs?Joshua: no I haven’tJoshua: unfortunately I am at work now and don’t have access to that computer… what should I check?Joshua: I run an IT department, so you can just tell me what to look for and I can check it out tonight.Sharon S(18442): Go to add/remove programs and check how many .net framework you have there.Joshua: while I have a sr tech onthe line, can you tell me what ports need to be opened on the firewall for this device to work? I’d rather not leave my firewall completely disabledSharon S(18442): You must oly have the .net framework v1.0Sharon S(18442): only*Joshua: OK I can check that outSharon S(18442): If you see .net framework v1.1, you have to call miscrosoft to uninstall thatSharon S(18442): Uninstalling that program may cause the computer to crash so you have to call microsoft to help you with thatSharon S(18442): Did the orevious technician told you that he will email the pastck for xp sp2?Joshua: yupJoshua: will there be a version of your software that is comatible with V1.1?Sharon S(18442): NoSharon S(18442): As of now, it will only work with v1.0Sharon S(18442): I will also email you the patch for that computerJoshua: ok, so if I am running v 1.0 and get the patch installed and am still having problems what would the next step be?Sharon S(18442): That patch will help you solve that problem.Sharon S(18442): We already tested that one.Joshua: okSharon S(18442): You also have to uninstall/reinsatll the media folder utilityJoshua: can you send me the patch directly or point me to a site to download it? I’ve had 2 people tell me it was sent already but still havent’ gotten itJoshua: ok, I’ll uninstall/reinstall tooJoshua: should I uninstall and then run the patch and then reinstall or doesn’t it matter the order?Sharon S(18442): I’m not the one who will emial it to ouJoshua: 😦 thats what the last 2 folks told me…Sharon S(18442): I have to request that patch to the Beta TeamSharon S(18442): It’s not available in the site.Sharon S(18442): You will receive it within this daySharon S(18442): Be sure to visit our Knowledge Base located at http://www.linksys.com/kb. The site contains troubleshooting tips, how-to instructions, as well as solutions to common issues relating to all Linksys products.Sharon S(18442): Thank you for giving us an opportunity to serve you through Live Chat Support. May name is Sharon and my badge ID is 18442. For your records, a transcript of this chat session will be e-mailed to you. Feel free to contact us if you require further assistance. Thank you for choosing Linksys and have a great day!Joshua: disconnectedSharon S(18442): disconnected_______________________________________________09/23/2005 04:21 PMHi, my name is Enrique (20179). How may I help you?Joshua: Please take a minute to review this incident [Incident:050923-005623]Enrique (20179): Okay.Enrique (20179): One moment please.Joshua: You are the 5th person that I have spoken to now to get a patch so I can use your product with Windows XP SP2. Unless you can give me the patch I would like to speak to a supervisor.Enrique (20179): One moment please.Enrique (20179): I apologize for this one, Joshua.Enrique (20179): The device you have is a WMA11B?Joshua: yesEnrique (20179): One moment please.Enrique (20179): I’ll be transferring to one of our senior technician again.Joshua: okEnrique (20179): So that your concern will be properly accorded to .Joshua: okEnrique (20179): Thanks.Enrique (20179): Just hold on please.***** Transferred To Carlo V(19333)Joshua: hello?Carlo V(19333): Yes. This is Carlo V. (19333). How may I help you?Joshua: can you see the notes from my conversatoin with the previous tech?Carlo V(19333): Okay. Please wait while I review it.Carlo V(19333): Thank you for waiting. Are you asking for the patch to make it work with WinXP SP2?Joshua: I’ve been told by 4 different techs that I need this patch and that it would be emailed to me within 3 hours… going on 24 hours and I haven’t seen it yetCarlo V(19333): Okay. I see. I apologize for that. May I get your telephone number? Please keep mon holding while I check if it is available for download.Joshua: 952-200-8125 is my number thanksCarlo V(19333): Okay. Thank you. Please wait.Carlo V(19333): Thank you for waiting. It was available from the website before but it was removed because of some further testings being done. Do not worry. I will personally go to the email department to forward the patch request.Carlo V(19333): May I verify your email address?Joshua: xxxx@x.com (removed for privacy)Joshua: thank youCarlo V(19333): Thank you. I believe you will recieve it this time. Please wait again and it will be emailed within 3 hours.Joshua: okJoshua: disconnectedCarlo V(19333): disconnected________________________________________________Princess T. (19081): Hi, my name is Princess T. (19081). How may I help you?You: Please review [Incident:050923-013727]Princess T. (19081): One moment please, while I review your information.You: I have not received the patch yet. Please escalate this to a managerPrincess T. (19081): Please give me a few moments. Yes, im going to refer you. I apologize in advance for the delay.Princess T. (19081): When was the last time you requested for that patch file Joshua?You: 6:22 yesterday eveningYou: thursday at 10:27PM, Friday at 9:08AM, Friday at 12:20PM, Friday at 6:22Princess T. (19081): I see.Princess T. (19081): One moment please.Princess T. (19081): Please give me a few moments while I look for a supervisor on duty. Thank you?.You: thanksPrincess T. (19081): OkPrincess T. (19081): Thank you for waitingPrincess T. (19081): Please wait for a few moments while I transfer you Joshua.You: thanks***** Transferred To Mary_BADGE ID 10999Mary_BADGE ID 10999: Hi. My name is Mary Anne with tech ID (10999).You: can you send me the patch so that your product will work with XP SP2?Mary_BADGE ID 10999: Please hold while I transfer you to the appropriate technician.***** Transferred To Sharon S(18442)You: hello?Sharon S(18442): Hi JoshuaYou: I never to the patch you were going to send at 12:20 yesterdaySharon S(18442): I apologize for thatSharon S(18442): You’re using winxp sp2, am I correct?You: yesSharon S(18442): I just want to verify, you’re getting enexpected error when you’re trying to open the media folder utility?You: you should review the notes on this. You and I spoke yesterday here is the incident # [Incident:050923-005623]Sharon S(18442): Give me a moment.Sharon S(18442): Thank you for waiting.Sharon S(18442): I have already requested the patch to the Beta Team.Sharon S(18442): They are the one who will email the patch to you.Sharon S(18442): I’m sorry for the inconvenience.You: bottom line here is if you can not send me the patch now while we are on the line I am going to exchange this product for something that works and post the 5 conversations I’ve had with Linksys on the product reviews on AmazonYou: this support is down right horribleSharon S(18442): Give me few moments. I will it to the Beta TeamSharon S(18442): Your email address is xxx@x.com (removed for privacy)?You: yesSharon S(18442): may I have an alternate email address?You: xxx@x.xom (removed for privacy)Sharon S(18442): Hold on a second.You: I can assure you that there is not a problem emailing to the xxx.com email address. I am the IT manager there and control the mail servers.Sharon S(18442): Thank you for your time and patience!Sharon S(18442): I’ve already forwarded your concern to the Beta Team and they send it they will be sending it to you now.You: Sharon, this is the 5th time I’ve been told this. I’m not buying it anymore.Sharon S(18442): If you can wait for a few minutes.’You: okSharon S(18442): Try to check your email ,just tell me if already receive the patch for xp2You: no it hasn’t arrivedYou: I checked both addressesSharon S(18442): Please wait for a few momentYou: sureYou: have you had any luck sending the file?Sharon S(18442): I will verify it to them, hold onSharon S(18442): Yes, they said that they already sent it to youYou: This would be the 5th time that they haven’t been able to get it to me then. I think I’ll quit wasting my Saturday and return this rotten product. thanks for all the hold time, gave me time to finish my review on Amazon

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