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Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #80790 in Sports & Outdoors
  • Size: 7x2x2
  • Color: Green/Black
  • Brand: FLIR
  • Model: TFT227MN9PS2400
  • Released on: 2012-04-15
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 2.00″ h x
    2.00″ w x
    7.00″ l,
    .75 pounds


  • Price breakthrough
  • Crisp thermal images
  • Rugged and easy to use
  • Long battery life
  • Export of this product outside of the United States of America is not allowed and is controlled by the US Department of State

Product Description

You can traverse rough terrain to scope out the “perfect spot” at dusk, before dawn and even when it’s pitch black outside. You can discover nocturnal animals, find wandering members of your party, locate lost livestock or spot downed game. You can use the Scout PS-Series to help see through light fog, smoke or trail dust. In addition, during day time wildlife spotters can locate animals standing in tall grass or hiding partly behind bushes or trees.

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

87 of 88 people found the following review helpful.
3Police officer review
By Gordon Hanson
First, let me begin by telling you I am a police officer and I use this FLIR while on patrol. I purchased this myself since I primarily work night shift. At first I was very impressed with the capabilities of this camera. I was able to locate deer roaming near the roads out to a distance of about 500 yards. I could detect people out to maybe 200 yards without a problem. Works really good when I need to see down a dark ally between homes. Warm cars are no problem to spot and people hiding in the bushes are easy to locate. Stand in one spot for a few minutes and it can detect the footprints on the ground even if you were wearing boots. I passed college Physics so I am little embarrassed to admit that I expected this to be able to see through my cars windshield, it can’t of course.The usefulness drops rapidly as the humidity increases. I find myself having to adjust the sensitivity of the unit by switching to the mode that enhances heat by painting it red. This is the only setting that allows any kind of sensitivity adjustment so you better like the red color enhancement if you buy this unit. Also, the description says it has a zoom feature. It does NOT have a zoom. This model has a image freeze button instead of zoom.I have been using the unit every night for about 6 weeks now and I have noticed a steady degrading of the heat sensitivity. At first the images were very contrasty with a nice separation between the hot and cold objects. Lately the image has been very muddy and its getting harder and harder to see differences between hot and cold objects. Washed out would be a good description of the image quality lately. I thought that humidity was causing the problem but it persists even on cold dry nights. I’m beyond the Amazon return period so I’ll have to do the warranty thing with FLIR (Oh joy!).Overall, I really wanted to like this product but its long-term reliability is now suspect. If it worked like it did for the first two weeks I would have been very happy with this FLIR.UPDATE 1-3-11I have been using the FLIR for a few more weeks now in varying weather conditions. It still has the same problems with high humidity nights but recently we have been getting some cold (mid 30s) and low humidity nights. I was eager to see how well it would function under those conditions. I am disappointed to say the least. Its plenty sensitive, that’s for sure, and that’s the problem too. While patrolling I use it to look out my car window to see if there are prowlers/burglars hiding out in the dark areas behind our businesses. The problem is that the buildings are so bright (white?) in the viewfinder that I can’t even tell if a person is present. The building heat signature completely overwhelms the scene and renders the FLIR useless for spotting people. Now, the high temperatures during the day are in the low 50s and some of these buildings are unoccupied and not heated so I’m at a loss why the FLIR can’t differentiate between a 50 degree building and a 98 degree person. Even worse, the same problem is present when looking at trees and brush. They also are pure white in the viewfinder. I have been surprised three times when looking into a front yard and not noticing a person standing in front of trees and bushes because they were lost in the white glow. I ended up seeing them with my alley lights instead.I spoke with FLIR customer service today. The rep was very friendly as I explained the issues I am having with this camera. The bottom line was, this is just how a thermal imager works. I asked if there was a way to reduce the sensitivity and the answer was “no”. I have been rolling my car window up about half-way and incorporating the window in the viewfinder. The heat of the window seems to help reduce the sensitivity of the remaining scene to a point where I can use it more effectively. Not a great solution that doesn’t work when I am out walking with the FLIR.Bottom line. I spent $2000 for a product that is less than useful for patrol purposes. It’s great for spotting game on an empty field with no trees or bush. Deer stick out like sore thumbs from several hundred yards away. However, add any heat signature in the field of view (trees, brush, roads, buildings, the sky, etc) and the usefulness drops drastically.

32 of 33 people found the following review helpful.
3Limited use for hiking and hunting
By Dennis Cox
I bought the FLIR Scout PS-24 for spotting animals while hiking and hunting. The unit is compact with a very solid weight. It’s easy to use and charging takes roughly 4 hours. Since the unit was 2,000 US dollars I wanted to make sure as soon as I got it that it would be worth that money. There are many features and functions of the product. I won’t go into a review about that, you can find them on the Internet or at the FLIR website. I will cover the question I really wanted to know before buying it. How good is it at spotting animals? So I did a number of separate tests.The idea was for three days scan my backyard from my the bedroom balcony, which is 35 feet above the target area. The distance to the tree line is 45 yards. Then it’s heavily wooded oak and cedar for hundreds of yards afterward. I live in Austin, Texas so the temperature the first night was 65, next night 50 and the last night 50.I used a number of tools to see what the results would be:A Burnham Brothers SL-18 scope mounted light with an amber filterA Primos “350 yard” spot light with normal and red filterA Bushnell Gen I night vision binoculars 2.5 x 42mmA Flir PS-24 Thermal ImagerI would scan the backyard at 10pm at night for 10 seconds with each tool and see what I could spot.The spotting lights the first night picked up nothing.The night vision picked up nothing the first night.The FLIR PS-24 picked up a brush rabbit. I was impressed. I didn’t expect the results.The second night it was medium fog with heavy rain that day. The night vision could see clearly. The FLIR PS-24 couldn’t see more then 20 yards. Spot lights had some minor to moderate reflection off the fog and could get about 40 yards visibility clearly.The third night, normal clear night. No moon however.The SL-18 spotted a rabbit, as did the red filter on the primos.The bushnell night vision spotted a rabbit.The no filter (white) primos spotted TWO rabbits!The PS-24 spotted three rabbits – one that was a good 75 yards in deep woods.So far I was very happy.I went down to South Texas, I was in a blind 16 feet up. The FLIR-24 was useless during the day in January, outside temperature was 50 with a strong 25+ mile an hour wind. But the sun was out and the FLIR showed everything as hot. This device may work better in colder climates, but the sun is strong even in January in Texas. I tried it at dusk, but the ground was still too hot, along with the brush. Around 8pm it got better, however without elevation it was distance limited.I tried my next test, ground blind 10pm at night looking at a field 65 yards away.SL-18 spotted two feral hogs.Bushnell night vision was blinded by a refinery light (EXTREMELY bright) a few miles directly ahead.The PS-24 didn’t see anything.I was surprised by these results, I would have expected the PS-24 to get the hogs. I tried again, nothing. My only guess is the mud and muck of the hogs cover them up pretty well in all the brush.So, is it worth it – no. It’s not worth 2,000 US dollars. For 500+ US dollars I would be happy with the results. Now, if you are going to be in an elevated position looking for things at night, then this is the tool for the job! The instructions and form factor, everything is A+. The company did a nice job with everything – I am just focused on the very specifics results I got.It really works on all the basic tests. Draw your name on the wall with your finger and it can read the heat signature. Walk across the floor and you can see the footprints. All the things you see on the FLIR videos really do work. If you want to do those things, then this is a great tool.

12 of 14 people found the following review helpful.
3flir and deer
By docmm
I was hoping that the flir would help me identify deer in dense forest/brush but it can’t really pick up heat signatures that are hidden by brush. Bottom line if you can’t see them with binoculars you won’t pick them up with the flir. Overall it works as advertised, is well built, charges easily, and gives decent images. The red alert mode seems to pick up alot of stray signals ESP if pointed above the horizon vs down. One cool thing; in 20 degree weather I was able to pick up heat signature inside the base of a 8 inch diameter tree. Probably a squirrel or something but didn’t investigate further on the chance it was a skunk. It will take some practice being able to dechiper the images depending on what mode ( light, dark, red) you use and how far out you are trying to see.

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