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Product Details

  • Brand: VIVITEK
  • Model: D825MX
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 3.50″ h x
    8.00″ w x
    11.00″ l,
    5.73 pounds


  • Compact XGA DLP projector lets you make eye-popping presentations
  • 2600 ANSI lumens and a 2200:1 contrast ratio
  • Projects an image from 23 inches to 255 inches
  • Quiet design runs at just 30 dB
  • Backed by three-year warranty for parts and labor, one-year lamp warranty, and five-year warranty on DLP chip

Product Description

The Vivitek D825MX XGA 1024×768 projector is a perfect solution if you want a true multi-purpose projector for use in the office, school and home. The 2,600 lumen image brightness coupled with Texas Instruments DLP technology, VividWheel color wheel technology for outstanding color quality and 2200:1 contrast ratio create a truly impressive image. The D825MX has VGA, composite video RCA, S-Video, mini Jack and RS-232 inputs for a variety of projection sources. Weighing in at a mere 5.7 lbs, this projector can be easily transported from one meeting to another, or school to home. The D825MX is easy on your wallet, with an economical 4,000 lamp life, you won’t have the extra burden of frequently replacing the lamp. Projector ships with a CD user manual, VGA-to-VGA Cable, AC Power cord, Remote control with battery, carrying case and warranty card.

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

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4Works well
By George Owen
I’ve used a few other projectors, but this is first one I’ve owned. I selected it for use in many different venues for large and small groups. I made my best guess based on the reviews, zoom, brightness, clarity, ease of use, weight, size, and noise. I also liked the long life and lower replacement cost of the lamp. I’ve been quite satisfied with the D825MX performance regarding all my criteria except zoom, which is minimal. The zoom is so minimal in fact that it functions more like a minor adjustment similar to keystone (which works well). If I had it to do all over again I would study the zoom numbers carefully and look for something that provides more meaningful options for locating the projector. As it is, for a 5′ high image, there is only a 2 foot difference in distance from the screen (from 12 feet to 14). I don’t blame the product which performs as advertised, just the understanding the implications of every aspect of the specifications before purchase. I may yet return it for one with better distance options.Coming back to this about a year later, I am still very happy with the D825MX and have not found the lack of zoom to be a problem. My peers have other projectors that I don’t prefer but they’re envious of the long lamp life and low lamp replacement cost. I’ve loaned this out a lot and had no troubles despite some rough handling. This is a good solid machine.

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5Vivitek and Delta Electronics
I was curious about the Vivitek brand since it’s a fairly new name, at least to me. Last time I researched for projectors was probably back in 2002~2003 when the popular Infocus X1 first came out. This time, it turns out that the transformer manufacturing giant, Delta Electronic is actually behind the Vivitek brand. Delta (based in Taiwan) supplies excellent power transforms for major computer OEMs such as Apple, Dell, HP and Xbox and so on. So there’s a good chance that the computer you are using now has a Delta power brick right at this moment. Delta is highly respected in the transformer business. So there, a little background about the brand. And now you can be rest assured knowing that 3 years down the road when you need to replace that projector lamp, the company will still be around.

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2Stuck pixels after 10 months, terrible customer service from Vivitek
By annomination
Purchased projector in October of 2009 and used for 10 months with no problem at all. Projector was sufficiently bright for use during daytime, wasn’t too noisy, and the focusing knobs were easy to use. I began using the device more frequently a month ago, and a few pixels started sticking in the full open (white) mode. At first it was just a few, but then then number started to grow every time the device was turned on. Power cycling did not fix the problem, and soon there were ~20 stuck pixels scattered all over the image! I wrote to ViviTek, filled out an RMA form, and waited for a response. One of their customer service representatives, Jason Kang, refused to answer my e-mails, and there was no response from […]. Their phone number always sends you to an answering machine and your call will not be returned. In summary, their customer service could not be worse. Amazon’s on the other hand is wonderful. I called them this morning, explained my problem, and they shipped me a replacement immediately.

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